Sunday, 15 April 2012

Thoughts about Seoul

I am now sitting in my hotel room in Hong Kong, about to start the next leg of my study tour, but I thought I should reflect on my trip to Seoul.

Pavilion at Gyeongbokgung Palace
This trip to Korea was something I have looked forward to for several months now, and I wasn't disappointed.

I have spent a great deal of time on the Seoul Subway system which is fantastic, getting me quickly and efficiently to each of my destinations.

Just in case I forgot where I needed to get to!
I thought that I might have more time to do other things during the week but the combination of the schedule of visits, writing up my notes and doing some of the day job meant that time flew by and there wasn't enough time to do more.

The libraries I visited, although all built by Samsung, were unique in their own ways, with their own separate and distinct personalities, my hosts at all of the libraries were gracious and generous with their time and efforts to ensure that my visits were productive and fruitful, I am extremely grateful to them all.
I hope I will be staying in touch with them.

I hadn't realised my hotel was 5 minutes away from Samsung Headquarters!!
Despite the limited time available for exploring during my stay, I have had a few new and exciting experiences, some of them involving food!

Lunch Korean Style
This beef soup was still boiling minutes after it arrived!
The statues at some of the Universities were wonderful

Haechi, Symbol of Seoul
Haechi is an imaginary animal who, amongst other things judges between good and evil, and can be seen as the Guardian of Seoul.  This statue was one of a pair at the entrance to Korea university, Yonsei also have a pair at their University entrance.

The Sweet Time, Korea University
I also discovered that Toads are venerated creatures, felt to bestow fortune, prosperity and domestic happiness.

Toads at Korea University

Toads outside a bank
Art in the Street

Column of faces

This was quite interesting

There is also a sense of humour with some of the things I saw, the hoardings for a new museum being built opposite an historic palace were unexpected...

Strategically placed trees!
Coming soon, a new museum
Sign for the ladies at SKKU 
Sign for the gent's
The interesting.....

A popular soft drink....
I can't believe a Big Mac travels well!
And finally, the buildings....
The old standing proud in the shadow of the new
A week simply wasn't long enough!


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    1. Thanks James!! That's due to my new Panasonic DMC-FS35 with 16 megapixels and 8x zoom!!

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